Thanks and Tributes

A bit about me. My name is Jeremy Gordon. I live in Australia now. I'm a practising barrister both in the UK (working from the Temple, London, England ( and in Queensland (in Brisbane actually)., and I am a mediator: I try to satisfy my love of technical matters and my creative streak by my programming work. My website work can be found at

The following are in order of appearance on my programming scene:-

To Eric Isaacson of Bloomington, Indiana, whose excellent assembler, A(3)86, I used for many years until I wrote GoAsm. Eric was a great support in shaking up GoBug to its present state.

My thanks and tributes go particularly to Wayne J Radburn, of Gatineau, Québec, the walking brain, one of a handful of pioneers who saw at an early stage the fun and beauty of Win32+assembler programming. He devoted many hours and days corresponding with me, discussing ideas, testing my programs and correcting my work. In particular, he pushed me hard to create a decent Beta version of GoBug, and decent versions of everything else since then for that matter.

Then to Anthony Robinson of Nomansland, New Forest, England, for finding and putting up with early errors in GoRC, solely to assist a fellow programmer, and to further the overall aim.

To Sven Schreiber, of Herzogenaurach, Germany, for writing the brilliant WALK32, which inspired us all, and which he generously devoted to the public domain in the hope that it would generate more interest in Win32+assembler, which it did. Sven also asked for greater pre-processor power in GoRC, much to my alarm, but he got it. He has now produced a most impressive work "Undocumented Windows 2000 Secrets" - a real goldmine of internal 2000 information.

Thanks to all those others who helped to test the first "Go" tool, GoRC, and to give me ideas, including Kaproncai Tamás, of Hungary, and all the members of the old compuserve PROGLA forum.

To Leland M. George of West Virginia, who enthusiastically found bugs in GoAsm which no one else could have found nor will ever find again. He also pressed hard with good ideas which resulted in several changes to my programs.

Then to René Tournois of Liousville, Meuse, France, author of the ground breaking RosAsm assembler, for being an example of perseverance in the face of adversity. Here is his cat.

And a special thanks to Edgar Hansen of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada ("Donkey"), who is rumoured never to sleep, at least whilst there remains either (a) any bug or enhancement required in the "Go" tools or (b) any unwritten example, library or include file for them. Edgar was too tired to pose, so here is his cat "Bear" who looks equally tired, and Smokey who looks very alert.

Thanks to Ramon Sala of Barcelona, Spain, creator of the great Easy Code visual assembly IDE, for all his hard work in converting it to work with GoAsm for free distribution to all interested programmers. Once he started on this project Ramon never once looked back.

And thanks also to the team from Imperial College, London, headed by Simon Tatham and Julian Hall who wrote NASM and to Anthony Williams who wrote ALINK. They devoted their work to the online community out of sheer altruism.

And thanks to those who wrote those articles and books, without which my understanding would have been much diminished, including Sven Screiber (Undocumented Windows 2000 Secrets), Matt Pietrek (Windows 95 System Programming Secrets), John Robbins (Bugslayer in the MSJ), and Rick Booth (Inner Loops). And those who had the greatest part in feeding my original interest in assembler many years ago, Peter Norton (Programmer's Guide to the IBM PC and Advanced Assembly Language), David C. Willen and Jeffrey I. Krantz (8088 Assembler Language Programming: The IBM PC) and Ray Duncan (Advanced MSDOS Programming).

And of course a special thanks to all those members of the GoAsm and tools forum and the Windows ASM Community Message Board including in particular Greg Heller of the Congo ("Bushpilot"). Thanks also for the support, suggestions and bug reports from Daniel Fazekas of Budapest Hungary, grv, Jeff Aguilon, Jonne Ahner, Thomas Hartinger, Martyn Joyce, Kazó Csaba, Brian Warburton, Mike Lorenz, Marek Targowski, and Dmitry Ilyin.

To my dear wife Judy who (I think) understands and tolerates my single-mindedness, on the pragmatic basis that it "keeps me out of mischief", and therefore the best wife one could hope for. And there are other reasons too, of course.

To our two cats, Lucy and Squeeky.

Thank you, Lucy, for testing my work thoroughly at the approach of meal time by sitting on the keyboard in order to block my view of the screen. Unwittingly you provided some really random keyboard input.

Thank you Squeeky for giving me such good company during long programming sessions, and for somehow missing all the keys when walking over the keyboard. I think you are a very sensible pussy.

Thank you, also, Shadow for giving similar support to Wayne J Radburn in Québec.

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